Along Came Trump

During the first winter following World War II, December 1945 my mother and I moved from Kansas City to Southern California. The freeway system did not yet exist and day trips often consumed the entire day. The stop and go experience was often similar to what we see in Atlanta or Indianapolis or Dallas these days. And there was smog, even 75 years ago.
Over the years the voice of the people brought new emission standards into force. It helped.
And then came Trump.
He wants to change the EPA standards. He wants to bring back the smog. His plan is not health driven, it’s dollar driven.
I haven’t seen his water plan, but our water supply isn’t nearly as pure as he wishes us to believe. When we lived in Texas a bulletin accompanied our water bill which stated that tap water was not pure enough for the very young or the elderly.
If Trump gets his way with our water I wonder what how that bulletin will read?

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    • Scott says:

      Yes, a late cousin I grew with, a few months older than me, turned more Trump-like as he aged. No matter the subject, fishing, radio, horses he always brought the subject back to money. Thanks for the comment.

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