A 20-Meter Loop Antenna On A Raleigh Tristar


It’s too hot outside to work very long, but I have me 20m loop antenna mounted. Maybe I’ll get on the air tomorrow. Maybe I’ll talk to another Bicycle Mobile Ham of America member. I’ve talked 800 miles on this antenna configuration using Morse code and 3 watts. I’m encouraged.

3 thoughts on “A 20-Meter Loop Antenna On A Raleigh Tristar

    • Scott says:

      Ha Ha. Peter, I debated about this loop for a couple of years. The fact that it required so little space and no counterpoise caused me to finally order it. And then it didn’t seem to work. Nearly a year passed while I tinkered with it. Then one day I answered a CQ about 800 miles away and got a response using only 3 watts that I realized it DID work. It’s very directional. It works off the edges – the reason for the trike. I could have bought a wagon, used a saw horse, a folding chair, or many other configurations, but I’m looking at 82 years. One day the powers that be will yank my driver’s license, but not my means of going the 1/2 mile to the supermarket. WE CAST ABOUT IN SEARCH OF REASONS TO OWN THESE TOYS! Thanks for the shout, Peter.

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