A Typical Tuesday Morning

This morning Mr. Black and I went on our usual walk.  He was excited and tugged at his leash and grunted in his throat while the three dogs in a fenced yard across the road barked and then got into a fight.  The trip around the block is 0.46 mile, 211 feet short of a full half-mile.

A couple hours later I took the trike for a 6-mile spin.  I go pretty slow.  It weighs about three times what the bike weighs and therefore goes about three-times slower.  It’s difficult for me to settle back and relax.  Today I crowded myself and my legs are still tired.  However, that is partly do to my not rifingh much during the winter.

I used to do ham radio from the trike, but folks complained about wind in the microphone, so I finally removed the radio.  With a telephone in my pocket running APRS I really don’t need a radio.  It’s just something else to worry about.